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Hack Facebookk using Facebook Exploit Tool

Facebook Profile Picture Login 2016-2017

Login your Facebook account using profile picture.

Infinity Spinning Electric TOP 5.23 Minuts

Will Adsense Finalize Suspended/Terminated Channel Earnings to Adsense

YouTube earnings of suspended or terminated YouTube Channels.

How to make Solenoid | Magnetic Field Inside Solenoid

In this video we have explained the magnetic field inside a solenoid. And that magnetic effect can be detect and observed by the use of metallic rod. 

DarkComet RAT Untouched Clean [v5.3] Hacksforum Free Download

What is RAT?
RAT stands for Remote Administration tool or Remote Access Trojan. Means accessing someone remotely with the help of some virus called RAT. RAT is more than TeamViewer, using RAT user don't know that he is being accessed remotely. Means without the help of user keys or credentials you can easily access someone over internet and you can perform some bad operations with him/her computer.

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DarkComet v5.3

Man lost his head in a Bike Accident in india

A man in india had a horrible accident. He died at the spot. His headless body was there in between the road. He was on bike and the speed was very high. He hit a car which resulted this. The video is very horrible so it is hard to see this video complete. Video is given below click to see the video of this accident.

Test Video

Send Messages through Personnel Computer without touching Mobile Phone- ...

Hello Everyone, Welcome to Engineer's Community  Guide

Today we are going to show you how to send regular SMS using your personnel computer or laptop without using your mobile. How to send messages from laptop to mobile phone.

This helps when you are working on computer and your friends are chatting with you. So texting irritates you. But its so easy to text using your personnel computer.

What is important to text using Computer?

1. You should have installed AirDroid app in your computer as well as in your smartphone.

2. You have to sigup for the application. Don't worry its free, but they have certain limits.

I have download apps in phone and computer and also have account, so I will show you how it works. Just Follow :-)

Airdroid should be opened in your smartphone and should be logged in so that you can use it throuugh computer.

I already have an account .

So everything is working fine. You can send messages to your friends very easily. Thanks for watching. Gud bye :-)

How to Boost Win10, Win8 & 8.1, Win 7 Performance- Engineer's Community ...

A lot of people have problems and complaining that their computer or laptops are running too slow or they are not properly working. It takes too much time to perform an action. We have found some major cause and issue that cause these kind of problems. Two major issues could be:
1. Processing speed of your computer is too low.
2. Your Physical Memory of computer is not enough.
First problem is that your are running with low level processor and your process or applications are heavier to run on that CPU. So you need to upgrade your CPU to newer generations.
2. The second problem is the lack of memory. You need memory whenever you open an application in your windows. You can check your memory graph in task manager while your pc is running slow.

How to hide mutual Friends on Facebook 100% Real Truth with proof 2016

Everyone wants to know about the real truth of how to hide your mutual friends on Facebook. People have waste a lot of time on Internet by making searches or by watching different video. But no one tell will tell you the real truth behind the scene that how to hide your mutual friends on Facebook. In this video we are going to uncover the truth behind hiding your mutual friends. This video is completely based on facts and figures. So you don't need to confuse or abuse after watching this video. Don't think that there always a solution for every problem. No No, really no. You have to believe what we want to convey to you guys. 

How guys, Do you want Other RAT(Tools)? Comment below if you want?

Hi friends. This post is only for our lovely friends who visit our blogspot regularly. Thing that I want to ask you is that if you guys want some other rat tools Please Comment below with your email. I'll send you guys. Thanks in advance.

How to Registred ANSYS STUDENT 16.2

Easy steps to registered ANSYS software. Use complete features of ANSYS after registred.

Email Sending Failed Using Gmail-Email sending code is not working-Less secure Apps Fixed

Gmail Email sending code is not working.

Gmail Email sending code error "SMTP connection error using port 25"
Why Gmail email sending code is not working?
These days security is an big issue for internet users. You need to update your security with the passage of time. If we take a look on Facebook that we mostly used, is more secure than before because of security reasons. And Facebook don't want their users in trouble by the hackers. Before Facebook accounts were easy to hack. In the same way Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail etc. But now they upgrade their securities to avoid their customers and users to run into trouble. Before Gmail send options works directly without making any change into your account. But now they have added an extra security layer to the Gmail. Now if you embed Gmail Email sending code that will not work directly. Before making it to work, you need to allow less secure apps to  access your account. Because you don't have much security in your program. So for the Gmail it is less secure Connection for Gmail. 
For that reason you need to make little changes to your account that is being used to send email.

How to Recover Deleted files from your Computer 2016 MiniTool Power Data Recovery Serial keys free download

Free Data Recovery tools with Serial keys.
MiniTool Power Data Recovery Serial keys free download.
Data is very important that need very care. Including everything could be office files, important sheet, educational documents, personal images, videos and audios etc. But if unknowingly data us loss you have to face big problem and difficult to control.
There could be possible reason that you delete your data  intentionally or unintentionally. But you want to recover them, there are some free tools available on Internet that could be used to recover your data easily, because its very costly to hire someone to recover your data. So you have to find another method to recover your own.

Minitool power data recovery tool will allow you to recover your data that you have deleted intentionally or unintentionally.

How to Recover Deleted data using MiniTool Power Data Recovery:

How to Recover Deleted files

There are several options to recover your data in MiniTool Power Data Recovery.

#1. Undelete Files Recovery

How to Recover Deleted files
Many times you delete your data without knowing so you need to recover them.  So you can recover this kind of data using MiniTool Power Data Recovery. With the help of this tool you can also recover those files which you have  deleted using ‘shift+Delete’ operation, you can recover them using "Undelete Files Recovery" Which is the Module of  of the MiniTool Power Data Recovery.

#2. Damaged partition recovery

How to Recover Deleted files
This option can be used when you have formatted your drives or formatted more times but you want to recover your data. This  can be recovered be selecting this method. You can also use this module to recover data from Memory  card, Flash Drives and Memory Stick etc
This can also be used if "Unknown Deleted Recovery" method is not working.

#3. Lost partition Recovery

How to Recover Deleted files
How to Recover Data if you have overwritten data?
In #2 you recovered data for formatted Drives but now suppose you have formatted your drives and you have stored some files on it and still you want to recover your Data. In this case you still can recover your data Using this "Lost Partition Recovery" for the partition that doesn't exist in your computer.

#4. Digital Media Recovery

How to Recover Deleted files

Digital Media Means Audio, video, Images and text etc. With the help of this module you can recover these files easily. This method cann also be used for "damaged Partition".
#5. CD/DVD Recovery

How to Recover Deleted files

This Module support to recover data from your CD drives or DVD Drive if it has some scratches.

Downlaod Link Click Blue Download button.

Download Here

How to get your Friends Google Search history through their Google Accounts

How to get your Computer Search History through my google account?

Most of people don't know that google is getting their data, their interests when they make search. Then they do a personality analysis then show you the content according to your interest. This can be seen in your youtube Account. I'm pretty sure almost every user keeps their google account logged in their personal computers or laptops.This technique is very helpful for the parents to know about the mentality of their kids. By the use of this technique you can easily find what your kids are doing on computer or what your friends are searching on their computer. This is 100% Reliable technique. 

Engr. Yasir Shahzad


    FPGA Design                                                                                                                                        

Deep Web Search Engines to Explore the Hidden Internet

Truth you know? : Big part of internet is not visible to google searches on internet. Because every search engine cannot show the full content.

Part of the Web which is hidden from us is called "Deep web". This part cannot be accessible through search engines.

What is DEEP WEB?

In other word! Deep web is the part of Web that cannot be indexed by the standard search engines like Google and Yahoo.

It also refers to those web page that cannot be find by the search engines, i.e databases, web mail pages and those pages that are behind the paywalls.

There is the Dark web or "Dark Net" which is specific part of the hidden Deep Web which is not Accessible.

Deep web and the Dark Web or Dark net are not the same thing. Do you think that both are the same things?

If you think its "Yes" then you are surely wrong.

What is DARK WEB?

Dark web refers to something where you operate with being tracked by someone, and you maintain total anonymity.
Dark web is much smaller than the deep web. Because its the part of deep web. Dark web includes selling drugs, weapons and hiring assassins.
There are some networks that are hiding their presence on internet.

There are Domain like "websitename.onion" these sites are not available in search engines. But you can access them with Some special kind of software. The software named TOR. The Onion Browser that can be used to access Dark web.

Tor is freely available on internet and can download it.

Can you access Dark Web without the help of TOR Browser???

Here's How to Surf Search the Deep Web without TOR

Solution: Deep Web Search Engines

But there are some Engines that can Crawl the Deep web and can give you better results to browse dark web easily.

Dark Web Search engine are:
Some of the Deep Web Search Engines

How to Watch YouTube Videos While Browsing in Chrome Add Floating Youtube Player to the Screen

Now you can watch YouTube videos while you are browsing through  google chrome or Firefox. There is an extension available for chrome with the name of Floating for YouTube  which is  free extension for your  Chrome that is able to play videos in floating tab while browsing.
Interesting feature of this extension is that its Multitasking. You can use your social network websites like Facebook or twitter etc.

It doesn't matters that how many tab screens you have in your browser. But this extension continue to work perfectly.


Step 1. Open your chrome web store from your chrome browser and download "Floating for YouTube" extension into your chrome.

Step 2. Now you need to Launch this app from chrome Launcher then you will see the screen given below.

Step 3. A blank pop up will appear on your window screen that will ask you for the URL of the video that you want to play in Floating Window.

Step 4. After Entering URL you will see the Floating window playing your video.

With the help of this app you can perform multitasking at single time and you can also re-size your window.

MIT Developing Hack Proof RFID Chip — Here is How It Works

Do you think about RFID chips and what number of you are conveying right now? 

Today, RFID chips are implicit a wide range of things, including your charge cards, travel swipe cards, library books, market cards, security labels, embedded medicinal records, international IDs and even the entrance cards gave by organizations.

But, What actually is an RFID chip?

Radio frequency identification 
(RFID) is a little electronic gadget comprising of a chip on which information can be encoded, and a recieving wire used to transmit that information. It is normally utilized for short-remove correspondence of data. 

In any case, there is worry that these RFID chips could without much of a stretch be hacked, and the data on these chips could undoubtedly be stolen by programmers. All things considered, they don't require physical access to these chips keeping in mind the end goal to get information from it.

The good news is:

Analysts at MIT have built up another way that keeps RFID chips from hacking. 

In spite of the fact that the data on RFID chip is secured with a mystery cryptographic key that could upset an easygoing information criminal, talented RFID programmers have more than once utilized "Side Channel Assaults" to take data from these chips effortlessly.

Side Channel Attacks:

The 'side-channel assaults' are intended to separate the mystery cryptographic key from a framework by examining the example of memory use or vacillations in force use. 

Be that as it may, side-channel assaults just release a little measure of data for every reiteration of a cryptographic calculation, so a programmer need to run the assault numerous quantities of times to get a complete mystery key.

Power Glitch Attacks:

One approach to anticipate side channel assaults is to pivot the private key much of the time after every exchange with the assistance of an arbitrary number generator, yet a talented programmer can conquer this with a purported "Power Glitch Assault." 

Over and over cutting the RFID chip's energy just before it changes the mystery cryptographic key is known as force glitch assault. 

By utilizing this technique, programmers can render the above procedure insufficient and run the same side-channel assault a great many times, with the same key, keeping in mind the end goal to get the example and get the data from the RFID chip.

Here's How is MIT Hack Proofs RFID Chips Works:

The new RFID chips created by MIT analysts and made by Texas Instruments is intended to square power glitch assaults, which is for all intents and purposes difficult to hack by any ebb and flow implies, scientists asserted. 

The new hack evidence RFID chips can oppose power-glitch assaults by having: 

An on-board power supply that is "for all intents and purposes difficult to cut." 

Non-unstable memory cells that store calculations the chip is dealing with, regardless of the possibility that there's a force cut. 

This outcomes in continuing of calculation once the force gets reestablished. 

"On the off chance that that calculation was an overhaul of the mystery key, it would finish the redesign before reacting to an inquiry from the scanner," the analysts wrote in an official statement. "Power-glitch assaults won't work." 

To accomplish this, the new chip exploits a material called Ferroelectric precious stones that comprise of particles masterminded into a cross section structure where positive and negative charges normally particular. 

These ferroelectric precious stones can work as a capacitor for putting away power, delivering PC memory that holds information notwithstanding when fueled off. 

The exploration group asserts that on the off chance that this high-security RFID chips hits standard selection, it could keep contact less card points of interest from being stolen, conceivably counteracting charge card fakes. 

Be that as it may, nothing is unhackable today, so calling something "hack-verification" or "essentially difficult to hack" doesn't bode well. As programmers these days are skilled to the point that even gadgets that are outlined on the highest point of security components aren't invulnerable to hacks. 

In any case, new innovations, similar to this RFID chip, that take the security of clients to the following level are dependably a smart thought and imperatively required to secure the world.


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